“I glanced in the cut and I see my homie Nate”
This Stahhr Spreads Light to Dark Minds.Stahhr the Femcee aka Mother Nature with a Moltov Cocktail.  Normally, I would not identify an emcee that way.  I personally hate the word. However, this artist’s agenda from a personal and political perspective includes using the moniker to push women’s presence in hip hop.  Who can hate on that? Not I.  Stahhr is a throwback.  This ain’t no rah rah. This is some chill chill.  She is political.  She is jazzy.  She  is lyrical.  She is Black Arts Movement. She is Isis and Oshun.   It’s clear listening to her most recent project,  Almost Neva Was that she wouldn’t be out of place in the early 90’s.  The production is very ala Jazzmatazz, ala Instinctive Travels , ala Rebirth of the Slick.  Retro is one of those things that’s tricky.  It can be awful when poorly executed.  It can be fresh as hell when rocked right.  Stahhr, as any emcee who understands the tenets of hip hop rocks well.  She is a beast in a battle and can hold her own in any cipher. Metaphors and Similes, oh she got these. She is clearly influenced by east coast hip hop but a southern girl to the core.   Born in Memphis and raised in Atlanta.  The scent of honeysuckle is but one of her muses.  So she says in an interview on We So Fresh.  Where she presents a very encouraging and engaging perspective on the current state of hip hop and women.  Potential my ass, Stahhr, she’s kinetic.
Peep This:  Its that StickickiMarz Lovejoy is fresh on the scene crispy and clean and out of LA.  There’s alot of interesting shit coming out of LA right now, not Hollywood, but LA.  It’s a horse of a different color.  In addition to the movement, that is the jerk scene, a developing genre birthed of hiphop.  You have a whole group of cats innovating and putting out fresh material in the vein of the original form.  This music classification is 35 years old but it sounds fresh as hell coming from the likes of Blu, Nippsey Hussle , El Prez and Pac Div. Speaking of Pac Div, you might be familiar with the woman in question because of a guest appearance she did on Shine.  Social media is responsible for creating so many movements that have the potential to be liberating.  In this case twitter  and youtube were utilized to assist Marz in creating a wider female presence in hip hop.  It’s also how she connected with Pac Div and her producer du jour, Polyester.  This emcee is new to the scene and is currently traveling in support of her freshman release, This Little Light of Mine.   The first single on that EP, Sticky has a sonically gritty almost “grimesque” production.  Her flow is purposely offbeat which makes for an engaging listen. She also does some singing on the EP that could best be described as quirky.  While she is charming, witty and playful with her approach (something much needed in hiphop) she also has some room to grow from a lyrical flow perspective.  As she is a student of hip hop I’m sure she will.  The finished project is fresh, fun and definitely some Cali shit. Given some time to mature the sticky green should be the bomb.  What’s also nice to know about this emcee is while pursuing various creative ventures she has the focus to create her own umbrella company, Soundz. Allowing her creative freedom and business control.  Now that really will get ya high.  Peep her website here buy the EP here.  She is one to watch. You can catch her at SXSW.

Is this what 39 sounds like?

In light of our discussion on aging and hiphop I present to you Take Your Clothes Off.  The latest by the well known hiphop production duo Timbaland and Missy Elliot.  A bonafied Missy party track or old and wack she needs to go back-to the drawing board?  I’m just going to say.  I did a chair dance to it. I like it.  What say you?



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