you rhyme good for a girl, that’s so tainted, well i guess you rhyme good for an anus


Oh Hellz Ellz: One 2 Grow On. Ellz Cole is a 20 year old fresh faced emcee outta the North PA area—currently in the ATL. I came across this artist while twitting around. Decided to go peep her project. She describes her sound as rap/hiphop/pop.  Which is most definitely an accurate description of the music I heard  Something about this project reeks of high school —there is a level of bubblegum I haven’t heard in a while.  Not that I’m faulting her for that mind you.  I mean she is 20.  Just saying get ready for it. Its also re-emphasized by her voice, which is on the high side, even girlish and in this instance it works. It provides an interesting contrast with the harder production. It most apparent on the slower tracks.  Of her self titled EP the ones that show potential and get ya head bobbing are Clap Clap, W.A.M., and Da Da Dum,  party and radio friendly with solid production (mostly) and fun (frequently misogynistic) lyrics.  This isn’t an instant classic but it definitely shows potential and I’ll be keeping track of Ellie Ellz.    
cause currency
I’m trying to make alot”
A to the motherfucking Dot.  I’ve mentioned this emcee before. If you missed shame on your late ass.  This is her latest entitled Semantics.



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