Manly Mondays continues

Aight y’all so we gonna have to change the rules around this motherfucker, since it’s my blog and I do this for my own entertainment that shouldn’t be a problem.  Manly Mondays will just feature hot tracks by menfolk period.  I will no longer make a guarantee of eye candy ladies. There’s just too much hot shit, but not quiet enough cuties to go around.  Of course I may just keep the cute ones for myself.  I am greedy like that.  So sorry

Up next on this Manly Monday we got a brother repping for Chicago and Detroit my nigga.   Can it get more real than that?  I think not. 

Terrell Wallace  of Tall Black Guy Productions is probably one of these hottest producers coming out of the Midwest right now.  His latest yet to be released project entitled 8 Miles to Moenart is not only highly anticipated but sure to be a sensory pleasure and dare i say possible classic.  Get yours early.  8 miles is a long walk. 

P.S. Y’all got lucky I ain’t know this brother was handsome until I went to go look for an image. LOL

that’s why I won’t stop, dropping shit like a clean colon

ms jade

chi shit!  this is my city. i respresent all day, everyday and don’t YOU forget it.

Y’all feel free to share that…

Rather I should say share this.  There is alot happening at headquarters and sooner than chicken can fry in grease it will be on and popping people.  You need to be on the look out for something that will put Chi on the map in a way not seen yet. 

In a way that helps all generations of the hip hop community.  An entity that will live on way beyond us.  Want a sneak preview? Check this out  

Another tumblr? Hell yes.  Dedicated to my latest and greatest project, the development and curation of a Chicago hip hop documentary, oral history and digital archive project.   



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