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Margel theSophant, producer/artist from the Sela Collective. Donwill, emcee from Tanya Morgan. Jasmine Barmore visual artist from Wisconsin. Vibrate Higher the single will be available for free download next monday, (8/26) on 
Promoting a life of peace and positivity through music and collaboration.  
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promote peace and positivity

Promoting peace and love through art. 
“From Slate magazine:
“The British critic Charles Shaar Murray once described the central drive of American popular music as ‘the need to separate black music (which, by and large, white Americans love) from black people (who, by and large, they don’t).’””


"Never Forget Emmett Till, Always Remember Trayvon Martin"


Official Video: Skyzoo - Spike Lee Was My Hero (feat. Talib Kweli) [Produced by Tall Black Guy] #tallblackguy #rescueseason #talibkweli #skyzoo #spikeleewasmyhero #spikeleewasmyherotoo #video #classic #hiphop
Great track. Check it out if you haven’t already

Cynical Smith


Cynical Smith began her journey with a love of Hip Hop and the knowledge that she wanted to be a part of it.  Her earliest foray into the art was as a Production Coordinator in 1994-1995 with Daniel Hastings, the renowned Hip-Hop Photographer and she knew had to give this force that was changing her life more voice. So in 1996 she co-founded “Ear to the Ground’s Hip Hop Countdown" with Almitra Gasper on 105.9 Community Radio in New York City.  Searching through charts and playlists every week, they would play their countdown with the heart and soul of those who truly love Hip Hop. This truth and passion caught the attention of DJ Evil Dee of Da Beatminerz and Cynical was asked to contribute her dedication to a new medium that was in its infant stages. and online radio at that time were innovative, new and exciting, and Da Beatminerz with Cynical Smith were about to leave their mark.

Beatminerz Radio started off as audio but soon went to video and was streamed online featuring not just music, but news and exclusives, making Beatminerz Radio a Hip Hop household name from 1997-2000. Cynical Smith, always being one to push the envelop and embrace new ideas, took it one step further when she began producing IBC (Illegal Broadcast) hosted by Channel Live as a talk show portion of the Beatminerz Radio format, addressing issues pertinent to the Hip Hop Community and Culture.

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